The Lost Continent of Lemuria

Fabled lost cities have perplexed archaeologists, explorers, and curious scholars since the dawn of recorded history.  Perpetually evading discovery and remaining shrouded in mystery, with even some lost cities eventually landing center stage in the spotlight of pop culture. Authors and script writers alike have created unique ideas and fictitious lore filled back stories as […]

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The Speaker

A necromantic looking speaker shrieks into the microphone. A deafening shriek, that screams at you like a tortured soul that’s waiting to be released from its twisted hell.  A hush falls over the amphitheater.  People in the amphitheater don’t dare face the stranger standing next to them for fear of being noticed by the speaker.  […]

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As the Stars Watched

Off in the distance, a dire wolf howled. Its close.  Athereon thought, as he could see birds flocking from the trees and scattering into the wind, fleeing the piercing howl of an apex predator.  Step after step, rock after rock Athereon climbed on. Treading forever onwards, towards the ancient stone circle that aligned with the […]

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Reduced to Ashes

Anguish crept its way unwanted into the void of hearts all around the globe. How did it ever come to this? People filled the streets of cities standing together in unison, hand in hand. Deciding to be together rather than alone when they go into that ungentle goodnight. I myself, drove to a secluded location […]

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The Big Bang of the Queniverse.

Growing up as someone who loved getting lost in different worlds, running through whatever portal or jumping through whatever wormhole it might be, I found a way to recharge myself to escape life’s monotony.  By opening a book set with the pharaohs of Egypt and exploring the ancient land. Or walking on the edge of […]

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