From the Void

An old man sat proper on the bench across from the young man. He was sipping a gas station coffee from the fill-up down the block. He sat there calm and contemplative, and from what the young man could tell…an atmosphere of mindfulness clung to him. The young man who was sitting across from him […]

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The Looking Glass

The walk from my truck wasn’t to far from the beach so I carried my telescope instead of rolling it along the sand.  Denver jumped out of the truck from the passenger door, and ran towards the beach to chase the seagulls wagging his tail in a frenzy.  The telescope wasn’t heavy enough to ask […]

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He Who Casts The Shadow

A quiet town named Charon loomed in the distance ahead, and the cowboy rode east into the dawn light.  The Cowboy had been riding for days and his mare was growing weaker as they pressed on triumphantly with little rest.  His horse left bloody hoof marks for what seemed like miles when they first fled […]

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Our Tombstone

The news anchor of the network paused for a moment, standing idle and looking pensive. She took a couple deep breaths and regained her composure. Her head perked back up and looked directly into the camera. She bravely continued her speech for her audience of the damned. “…If there was ever a time to forgive […]

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The Twisted

A gentle lob guides my airborne keys into the key bowl. Landing off center and hitting the inside edge of the bowl playing a round of roulette before finally settling.  Shower beer. I thought happily, as I swung open the fridge.  Fuck I’m glad it’s Friday. Works been hellish this week. Ill finish my paper […]

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A Lightless Horizon

The night sky was lit with the splendors of a thousand suns spread far and wide as they danced across the frontier of the known universe.  Brilliant.  I thought sitting at my desk peering through synthetic glass tracing the circular shape of a distanced star lost in the vastness of space and the infinity of time.  […]

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Beneath a Black Flag he Sailed

Forged far below the sea’s surface and the beneath the sea floor, somewhere in the bowels of the Earth an ancient force sought it’s retribution.  Afflicted with a hatred woven into the fabric of its being, the ocean wanted to reclaim the Earth and all it’s land… Heavy rainfall descended from the heavens above.  The […]

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From a Codex to Kindle

A reader lives a thousand lives before he dies, The man who never reads lives only one. -George RR Martin   Into the late night and early morning, readers transcend the barrier of reality leaving the mundanity of everyday life behind, plunging into the deepest corners of their imaginations. Returning to where they’ve left their […]

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The Pillars of Creation

What we do know, and what we can assert without hesitation, is that the universe had a beginning.  The universe continues to evolve. And yes, every one of our body’s atoms is traceable to the big bang and to the thermonuclear furnaces within high-mass stars that exploded more than five billion years ago. We are […]

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The Speaker

A necromantic looking speaker shrieks into the microphone. A deafening shriek, that screams at you like a tortured soul that’s waiting to be released from its twisted hell.  A hush falls over the amphitheater.  People in the amphitheater don’t dare face the stranger standing next to them for fear of being noticed by the speaker.  […]

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