From the Void

An old man sat proper on the bench across from the young man. He was sipping a gas station coffee from the fill-up down the block. He sat there calm and contemplative, and from what the young man could tell…an atmosphere of mindfulness clung to him. The young man who was sitting across from him was intrigued with this seemingly easy going fellow. He wondered what kind of life this man lived and wondered how he could afford to be at such ease during these trying times. See the young man wasn’t yet aware of the natural chaos of life and his passion for the orderly taxed him day and night. The young man struck up a conversation with the old man. The young man listened intently while the old man told him the tale of his life story. The old man had seen much, and survived more, scraping his way through the tunnels of poverty and to no avail, he kept going. The young man thought it was inspiring. The old man had made enough money to move west and never looked back. He explained to the young man that his struggle through poverty and overcoming obstacles until he was successful had numbed him. He felt cheated of life. The old man worked so hard but hadn’t felt happy in years. See the old man was a pious man, and he had never wronged his god or forgot a prayer, so why should he live through such turbulence? The young man finally spoke up and asked the old man – but if you’ve never found peace, then how or why do you look so peaceful? The old man paused for a moment looking at the young man sitting across from him and confided in him to keep his secret, and decided to tell him what he saw that day. The old man told the young man that he had a nice spot out in the country where he liked to birdwatch, but he hadn’t been back there since the day it came. It came from the sky one day when the old man was sitting on a bluff overlooking the valley. An otherworldly portal materialized from nothing emanating an aura of a deep blackness, when a figure emerged from the portals depths pulsating a chaotic purple. The portal closed behind this figure as it floated through the air. The figure hovered there a moment and looked around, but at what the old man couldn’t say, as far as he knew the figure had no eyes. The sky turned from daylight to night, only to turn to daylight again. Time seemed to collapse in on itself, the sky turned it’s design once more as it now showed the birth of the big bang. The birds were flying in reverse, and the song they instinctually sung, was sung backwards to the horror of the old man as the death of the universe played among the endless depths of the sky above. It was an eerie song the old man said and it still haunts him to this day. The figure descended. The old man said it came towards him and stood directly across from him. This mysterious being was ancient, the old man could tell. But from where it came, he did not know. The figure wore no clothes as far as the old man could tell, but it’s body was covered in crimson inscriptions that were foreign to him and it’s skin was as black as eternal night. The figure raised what seemed to be an arm, and sickly black fingers sprouted from it and he snapped. Suddenly, the birds returned to their normal state and the sky returned to normality. The figure tilted it’s head at the old man, seemingly trying to understand such a primitive lifeform. The old man was cowering in fear. How was he to make sense of all this? Was he to make sense of all this? The mysterious being was locked in a gaze with the old man. The old man asked it why it was here. The mysterious being told the old man that he had a integral part in governing the universe. The old man asked the being why he was black as eternal night. The being said because that’s what he was, eternal night. It spoke of how at any time, anything can and will happen, and how too much of anything is never good. It spoke of a cosmic symmetry, a celestial scale, where if the scale tipped too far one way cataclysmic consequences could and would take place. The old man was taken aback at the knowledge exhibited by this being. It joyed in the death of stars and the extinction of planets, it reveled in the destruction of life and toyed with the idea of immortality or forever. The old man asked this being what part he had to play in such a grand theater. The being told him that his job was to create chaos. The old man asked him why does such a destructive thing as chaos needed to exist? The being replied that it’s simply symmetry. The old man asked him what was chaos symmetrical too, and the being replied…peace.

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