Our Tombstone

The news anchor of the network paused for a moment, standing idle and looking pensive. She took a couple deep breaths and regained her composure. Her head perked back up and looked directly into the camera. She bravely continued her speech for her audience of the damned. “…If there was ever a time to forgive a family member, a long forgotten lover, enemy, or friend. May I suggest doing so. Seek solace and harmony. Make peace with your demons. Celebrate your lives and heritage. Hold on tightly to your family.  Cherish what little time we have left immensely because Pandora’s box has been opened. For Earth is humanities tombstone, and may our tombstone read; Our horizons were boundless and our creativity spellbinding, may we rest eternally grateful knowing we have conquered our home as no other species has done before. We have matured into a great race, decent and kind. May mankind owe no fealty to regrets…”. She paused again for a moment, and I couldn’t help but noticed her face looked haunted with a heavy heart. “…know there’s nothing more we could’ve done…”. I grabbed the remote, and quickly shut the TV off. You walked into the room. “Scotch?” You asked as you poured yourself a glass. I appreciatively nodded yes and you brought two glasses over and sat down next to me. “What do you think of all this? Is this some sort of sick joke the universe plays on it’s guests? Are we just another species participating in some grand race of intellect to see if we’re capable of stopping Armageddon? And if we pass we can finally join the cosmic conversation?  Is that why it’s so quiet out there?  We’re just a bag of meat wearing some skin with a brain.  We’re the bloody result of electrified gas, were the by-product of a star blowing up. We’re literally fucking star stuff. But at the end of the day we’re just another dumb civilization awaiting cosmic genocide. What was all this for? Our species could’ve conquered the stars, we could of sat on the throne of the cosmos.  What does the universe want from us?  We were on the brink of creating machines that could create machines. We would’ve been gods. Commanders of the universe. The laws of physics could of been play dough in our hands. We could’ve traveled time, birthed galaxies, and witnessed the death and births of solar systems. Was this all for nothing?” You sat for a moment pondering my words, digesting them. Until you had your answer calculated. “It’s all for nothing.” You said. I must’ve looked a complete fool, dumbfounded by your lack of emotion and push it to the side attitude. “How can it be for nothing?” I asked eagerly. “How can you say that. No one will ever know humanity existed. Not a trace of our ingenuity, intelligence, music, art, language, sports, nations, you name it. Nothing. Nothing will survive. How can all this be for nothing. How can human perseverance and brilliance all be for nothing? Christ. We’ve practically bent the Earth to our will. We’ve overcome everything this planet has sent to kill us and added it to our arsenal.” You were still just looking into your glass of scotch. Unmoved by the anguish and pained words that leaked from my mouth. You took a swig. “It’s all for nothing”. You repeated. I was about to fall into an uncontrollable fit of hysteria and maddening laughter when you continued to speak. “…how many lives does it take to run rivers red with blood so a selfish leader with too much ambition can control a fragment of rock. Tell me that isn’t for nothing no more than human greed and ego. Something to boast of? I assume. But it’s for nothing. Now tell me what sympathy does the universe have for its guests? It’s no more than a vicious and sadistic ruler who’s forever expanding outward seeking to create and claim new territory, without any compassion for its creations, no matter how large or small, intelligent or unintelligent. It doesn’t care. It was created from nothing so it’s for nothing. At some point, it’s own lust for eternity will clash with the laws it set out to govern and entropy will poke the universes inflating pride and swallow it whole. It’ll deflate and contract in on itself. Time will cease to exist. Tell me then, that isn’t for nothing?” You took another sip of your whiskey, let off an audible sigh and then turned to me. “Another?” You asked. I nodded. You refilled my glass. I was quiet now, sipping my glass thoughtfully replaying last weeks events in my head over and over so I could process Earths shitty deal of cards. Last week, an unknown asteroid near the size of Pluto was registered on NASA’s computers and it’s trajectory and arrival was calculated. It will come today.  They think it must’ve been a remnant of the big bang that hadn’t for some reason become a planet. Last week this asteroid passed the Kuiper Belt (the home of countless planet destroying asteroids and space rock on the edge of our solar system) gravitationally pulling all those ancient and forgotten remnants of rocky matter along with it to shatter the Earth. Planetary extinction on a scale that dwarves the death of the dinosaurs. Scientists have named it Pandora. I’ve fittingly named it Armageddon. Any moment now the asteroid the size of the moon will come hurtling through the heavens at speeds unknown to mankind, bringing with it a rain of asteroids to decimate our planet. Instant oblivion. At least it’s instant. I thought. Well so was human history in the grand scheme of things. A mere fleck of sand, a particle of shit in the vastly expanding cosmic ocean. I turned to you. “Maybe it is all for nothing.” I turned to the night sky to appease the self-proclaimed poet in me, gazing upwards to hear or see an answer from the heavens. Heaven didn’t answer, so hell answered in heavens absence. The night sky shone with the fury and hatred of a thousand burning meteorites. “Heaven for the climate but hell for the company I suppose.  Fuck I wish I bought me some nice Raybans. Do you think they have scotch wherever we’re going?” I asked, hopeful that you would have the decency to grant me my peace as I walked the line of insanity.  People get weird at the edge of eternity. I grabbed a match and lit a cigar. “I love you”. I added as Armageddon broke the atmosphere and fire engulfed the sky. You grabbed my hand and turned upwards to face oblivion.  “I fucking hope so, otherwise it would all be for nothing.”



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