The Speaker

A necromantic looking speaker shrieks into the microphone. A deafening shriek, that screams at you like a tortured soul that’s waiting to be released from its twisted hell.  A hush falls over the amphitheater.  People in the amphitheater don’t dare face the stranger standing next to them for fear of being noticed by the speaker.  The listeners look forward, utterly scared of what he might do to them.  I glance at Maggie standing next to me. Maggie’s looking directly forward as if she’s enchanted by the robed figure whose center stage, standing at the podium. The speaker raises his arm up instantaneously.  The people go dead quiet as if death himself made an entrance and walked among mortals.   A slow hair-lifting tingle crawls its way down my spine. Raising them.  All of the sudden a thousand breaking necks echo the enclosing walls of the amphitheater and a thousand faces rotate their heads synchronously 180 degrees, yielding eyes rolled back into their sockets exposing the whites of their eyes. 1000 souls stood upright, appearing departed and detached from their living souls. They stood corrupted and defiled by the speaker. Deceased. Yet something lived within them. The dead dropped their lifeless jaws and wailed a sad melody.  A foreign 6th sense suddenly befalls me as I sense whats already standing behind me.  Wearing a necklace of a thousand miniature skulls the speaker stood awkwardly and bent.  I catch the speakers hollow eyes paired with a cold gaze. A smile tears up the side of his mouth, forming a half-full smile. Blood trickles down the side where the other half of the smile doesn’t appear and the speaker charges at me galloping on all fours. The world fades to black as I enter anew lost and confused, led through a dark corridor by the clanking of a chains and shackles.

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