The Lost Continent of Lemuria

Fabled lost cities have perplexed archaeologists, explorers, and curious scholars since the dawn of recorded history.  Perpetually evading discovery and remaining shrouded in mystery, with even some lost cities eventually landing center stage in the spotlight of pop culture. Authors and script writers alike have created unique ideas and fictitious lore filled back stories as to who inhabited these lands and why these seemingly lost lands haven’t been discovered.  But have you heard about lost continents? In 1864 Philip Lutley Sclater and Ernst Haeckel proposed the first theories supporting the idea of a land mass that had vanished. Supposedly connecting Madagascar to India and to some Southern parts of Africa. Philip Sclater claimed that Lemurs didn’t originate from Madagascar but migrated through Lemuria, the lost land bridge. It would explain why some species of Lemurs are found in India and Southern Africa. This mythical land of the lost has yet to officially been proven untrue, and to this day eludes scientists studying Biogeography. Some people have even gone as far as calling Lemuria, The Cradle of Civilization. Although that’s probably not true, it adds to Lemurias mysterious essence and gives it the kind of legendary lost city status it theoretically deserves…





I’m sure Lara Croft will find it.






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