Reduced to Ashes

Anguish crept its way unwanted into the void of hearts all around the globe. How did it ever come to this? People filled the streets of cities standing together in unison, hand in hand. Deciding to be together rather than alone when they go into that ungentle goodnight. I myself, drove to a secluded location along the west coast. I need to see the sun one last time without resenting it. Earths ozone layer, the gift our planet has granted us, has allowed life to proliferate in every region and every corner of this chunk of space rock has finally depleted. Humankind broke its bond with nature during the technological revolution. So this shouldn’t come as a surprise. In the morning, the sun’s rays will penetrate the thin layer of whatever ozone layer we have left annihilating life in entirety. UV light will incinerate everything in its path and reduce it to ashes. The oceans will boil, the earth will cook, and the oxygen will scorch our lungs. Life’s a parasite to its host. Maybe that’s all life is. A parasite. Infecting its host, reproducing, and eventually killing it. I thought as I cracked my knuckles nervously. There’s not a lifeform in the collective universe that can survive what’s coming. We’ve robbed our planet of its minerals, over farmed the oceans, tore down beautiful and ancient forests to build and build and build. Its only fair that this planet has birthed us, that it should be the one to take everything from us. But the Earth doesn’t get its vengeance, the sun does. And alas, the setting sun with its dying light, sank into its watery grave. A tear rolled down my cheek, and hit the rocky earth beneath my feet, sizzling on the stone. And at dawn, comes death.

I wrote this one evening trying to shed some light on a not so far off problem. Granted the time frame is sped up and dramatized, the horrors that might cause the cataclysmic end of Earth aren’t SO far off.

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